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Why Tech Product Manager role rapidly gains popularity: examples from the industry and skills to boost even if you don’t plan to switch jobs.

Under the thin UI-surface modern online-products are complex software ecosystems and companies of various size (from a startups to IT-giants) are looking for product leaders to grow them even further. As a result, Tech PMs job offerings (even when title doesn’t explicitly state “technical”, but skillset assumes it) are popping up on the career websites of Google, Uber, Spotify, Elastic and so on. Even if you do not plan to change your current job, you might still consider to strengthen the tech product part which seems to become a new expected field of knowledge for the next generation IT leaders.

We are a growing community of people who develop Tech Products or contribute to them. Google Search systems, Spotify music selection, Instagram image handling, Uber location services and many more — we understand the beauty of these complex products, the industry changing power they have and we know how to build them.

If you would like to be a contributing author, do ping Vladimir in LinkedIn so we can add you as a Writer to the publication. Then you will be able to submit your draft story.

  • Tech Product use cases you solved recently which reveal a nice balance of…

Photo by Sarah Pflug

Below is my story of such a move, role comparison and reflection on what went well and what didn’t.

The most popular way of becoming a Technical Product Manager is to upgrade from a Software Engineer role and naturally utilise strong technical background and this is exactly what I did 5 years ago. I wish it was perfect from the day one, but instead it was quite a bumpy road — I have been learning completely new craft, making mistakes and slowly growing my understanding of the role.

And since one can only understand challenges having the right context, I explain the differences (and commonalities) of two roles as they were appearing during my career path. If you are…

A short guide based on 5 years experience of hiring Tech PMs

Who hires tech PMs

If you are not familiar with what the Tech Product Manager role is about, first consider reading this article. Long story short, Tech PMs are the best fit for technologically innovative products and there are more and more job openings in different domains: search (Google), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), travel (, Uber), content streaming (Spotify, YouTube, Netflix), data processing (Elastic, Cloudera), infrastructure (Amazon, Microsoft Azure) and so on.

By the way, don’t be surprised if title doesn’t always have a prefix “Technical”and take a look at the actual job description (e.g. for Amazon PM: “Prior experience managing technical products…

Having almost the same abbreviation, these roles are completely different. Below there is a short comparison and recipe for effective collaboration.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the responsibilities of two “TPM”s — Technical Product Manager and Technical Program Manager and the fact that both roles are relatively new on the market doesn’t make understanding easier. At the same time, a well functioning mix of TPMs could enable your organization to deliver projects of enormous complexity. There is one important condition though: both TPM types should concentrate on their (orthogonal) scopes, which are defined by focus areas, team structure, tech skills, and day-to-day work.

Tech Product Manager (let’s use “Tech PM” abbreviation) is still a Product Manager…

Vladimir Kalmykov

Found my passion at the intersection of technical topics and product creation. Currently work as a Group Tech PM at Happy to share my knowledge.

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